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2 - 6 NOVEMBER 2020



Creating a Sustainable Energy Equation –
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Spotlight on New Technology Award®

Spotlight on New TechnologyOTC Asia recognises innovative technologies with the Spotlight on New Technology Award®. This recognition programme is exclusively for OTC Asia exhibitors. The programme recognises the latest and most advanced technologies from the region that are leading the industry into the future. Take a look at the OTC Asia 2020 Spotlight on New Technology winners below.

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Congratulations to the OTC Asia 2020 Winners!

Halliburton, producer of RELAY™ Digital Slickline System 


RELAY™ DSL combines the versatility and efficiency of traditional slickline with the real-time data-streaming capability of electric line. It’s ideal for any intervention where the well program stipulates multiple slickline and e-line runs to complete the scope of work. One to five days savings typically are available using this technology.  

Halliburton, producer of EarthStar® 3D Ultra-Deep Resistivity 3D Inversion

3D inversion

The unique 3D inversion capability provided by the EarthStar ultra-deep resistivity service reveals the true reservoir structure, allowing operators to place wells in more productive zones, reduce well construction time, and optimize field development.

KROHNE, producer of Advances in High Capacity Straight Tube Coriolis Flowmeters


  • OPTIMASS 6400 extended new sizes DN150/6" and DN200/8"
  • OPTIMASS 2400 DN400/16" Quad straight-tube is highest capacity Coriolis in the market
  • For Bulk hydrocarbon loading, bunkering, LNG/Cryogenic or high temperature applications
  • OIML Custody-Transfer approved to 0.1% accuracy with optional for 0.05% 'flat' accuracy
  • EGM ensure continuous, repeatable mass flow and density measurement from 2-phase flows (gas & liquid)

NGLTECH Sdn Bhd, producer of Multifunctional Production Unit (MPU)

Multifunctional Production Unit

NGLTech's Multifunctional Production Unit (MPU) is an automated and self-contained production enhancement system to rejuvenate idle wells and extend lifespan of mature wells by reducing backpressures, effective removal and washing of sand particles and bulk water removal. The compact and light-weight design enables easy installation and operation on remote unmanned wellhead platforms. 

NGLTECH, producer of Volatile Organic Compound Recovery System (VOC-RS)


Volatile Organic Compounds Recovery System (VOC-RS) is a breakthrough technology which is highly efficient, compact and cost effective that address the major HSE issue of VOC emission worldwide by extracting the VOC from vent gas stream of storage tanks of the offshore floaters by deep chilling the gas.

Schlumberger, producer of IriSphere look-ahead-while-drilling service

schlumberger irisphere

The IriSphere look-ahead-while-drilling service provides the industry’s first electromagnetic (EM) technology for detecting formation features ahead of the drill bit. The service combines deep directional measurements with advanced automated inversion to detect formation features ahead of the bit while managing drilling risks, optimising casing placement and coring location.

Schlumberger, producer of OneSubsea Subsea Modular Injection System


The OneSubsea® Subsea Modular Injection System is a large-bore open-water hydraulic access system developed to efficiently deliver intervention fluids from the surface vessel to the subsea architecture. Standardized modules allow for fast configuration to suit a broad range of applications, in varied operational regions.

Synergy Oil and Gas Engineering, producer of 

Syn Jet Pump


A device targeted for various facilities that overcomes the shortcomings of currently available jet pumps and compressor systems with high compression ratio comparatively. Rooted with additional superlative features and low maintenance without compromising the performance of the device irrespective of any well stream condition and changes in reservoir characteristics over the time with wide ranges of applications.  

Synergy Oil and Gas Engineering, producer of Thermodynamic Collision

Thermodynamic CollisionA device targeted for various application that are in proficient to increase the process temperature with the employment of high kinetic energy conversion due to collision of gas particles. Capable in replacing heat exchangers and super heaters with an appropriate energy conversion inference of the process. Also embedded with thermodynamic application that are capable to overcome power consumption technicalities and space constrain issues. Thermodynamic collision device serves the uniqueness in the industry with minimal investment cost and high revenue in return.  

Valvetight, producer of DBB-SAVER (Double Block & Bleed Saver) 


The DBB-SAVER creates vacuum in a bleed section. Either between two valves in a DB&B configuration, or in the body cavity between two seats of a single valve. It reverses the flow direction over the 2nd valve (or 2nd seat) and passing towards safe work area becomes physically impossible.

Weatherford, producer of Magnus™ Rotary Steerable System


The Magnus™ RSS gives you reliable, accurate and fast drilling performance. Today’s well geometries and economics demand advanced directional drilling technology that can help you to lower overall costs and drill more hole per day. The RSS fits nearly any scenario from the everyday to extreme and excels in high performance drilling applications.

Weatherford, producer of Victus Intelligent Managed Pressure Drilling


In applications from land to deep water, Victus™ intelligent MPD helps operator to achieve objectives with unmatched safety and cost savings. One of its key features, the automated MPD riser system enables removing personnel from the moonpool and expediting deepwater installation from 2 days to less than 20 minutes. 






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